Do we ride in Bryce Canyon National Park

We do not ride in the park.  But, most of our rides look like you are in the park.  To ride in the park, you will need to contact the National Park Service.  

National Park Website

Can we highline, electric fence, or bring panels for my mule?

Yes, we have plenty of area to set up your pens or electric fence.  The campsites have Juniper and Cedar tress to set up a highline.  

Closest Place to get hay?

Orton Farm Center has alfalfa and grass hay available in Panguitch, UT.  About 28 miles.  

Orton Farm Center

Can I drive each day to the trail head?

To cut down on congestion at the trail head, we ask that you ride with our guides in their stock trailer.  

Can I bring my horse?

We are mainly a mule event.  Which is why we want to only allow mules to this event. 

Can I reserve a camp site?

There are no reserved spots. But, there is a big area below the arena for living quarters type trailers to park.  The campsites further up the canyon from the arena are scattered throughout cedar and juniper trees.  There are a couple group sites that will work for 4-6 trailers.  


Will there be water and bathrooms?

There will be potable water near the arena and a water truck to water your mules.  There will be porta-johns around the campsites and arena.  

Can we bring our dogs?

You will be responsible to pick up after your dog and will be responsible to look after your dog.  

Is there a limit on riders?

There will be 75 Spots available on our website for Pre-Sale.  Total Spots available will be 100.