All donations go towards Bryce Valley Community Cancer Foundation

The Bryce Valley is a beautiful place with great people.  There have been some recent losses to this community due to cancer.  What better way to help this community, that has welcomed the Long Ear Riders,  than with a fundraiser! 

Silent Auction

In 2018, the silent auction raised more than $5,000 for the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation in honor of Jace Chynoweth and Clint Mecham.  This year we want to double that!  All silent auction items will be displayed at Registration, Thursday Night Pie and Ice Cream Social, and final bids will take place at the Brenn Hill Concert Friday Night. If you have something you would like to donate, please send us a message.  We would be more than thankful! 

Arena Events

All money charged for arena events will be donated to  Bryce Valley Community Cancer Foundation.  We will be giving buckles to winners of the trail coarse.  Also, prizes to participants.  


We are currently looking for sponsors for our Bonfire and Smor'es night.  Also, arena events.  Send us an email if interested in donating towards Bryce Valley Community Cancer Foundation. 

Vendor CO-OP Store

If you have items that you would like to sell during Bryce Canyon Mule Days, please send an email with pictures of the items you would like to sell.  We will have tables at Registration and at the arena during the events.  Pieces must be well marked with your seller number and price.  We will have volunteers helping in the CO-OP store during the event so the seller doesn't have to be present.  Small percentage of the profits will go towards Bryce Valley Community Cancer Foundation. 

Volunteer Guides

Many local Guides have come to help everyone at Bryce Canyon Mule Days.  They have taken time away from their paying jobs and families to share their knowledge of the terrain and history of the Bryce Valley.  They would be more than grateful for a small tip to cover their feed, fuel, and time spent Guiding.